Jesscia Hijar and Ken Kim anniversary - Lancaster Mobley

Today we are thrilled to celebrate two milestones at Lancaster Mobley! Jessica Hijar and Ken Kim are both marking their work anniversaries!

Jessica Hijar is celebrating another year with us, bringing her total to an impressive 8 years. As a Project Manager and Senior Transportation Analyst, Jessica has consistently demonstrated dedication, expertise, and a passion for excellence. Her comprehensive knowledge in transportation engineering and land use planning, coupled with her ability to handle complex projects, has been instrumental in driving our projects forward and ensuring the highest quality in everything we do.

Ken Kim is celebrating his 2nd year with Lancaster Mobley. In his relatively short time with us, Ken has made a significant impact. As a Transportation Engineering Associate, Ken excels in creating detailed transportation analyses, assisting with data collection and field reviews, and contributing to the overall success of our projects. His innovative thinking, strong work ethic, and collaborative spirit have been a great asset to our team.

We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication that both Jessica and Ken bring to Lancaster Mobley. Their anniversaries remind us of the strength of our team and the bright future we have together!