Portland Centers and Corridors Parking Study

As a key piece of the City of Portland’s ongoing efforts to improve parking management, the Centers and Corridors study explored parking in five areas around the city. Two study areas–Hollywood Town Center and St. John’s Town Center–looked at parking in mixed use, transit-centric hubs of activity as well [...]


Northwest Portland Parking Study

Northwest Portland is a vibrant district with a robust mix of residential, commercial, and employment uses. Its high density and limited off-street parking resources creates challenges for effectively managing the on-street parking supply. In 2016, the City implemented several management updates including expansion of the permitted parking zone to [...]



Hillsboro is examining strategies to spur continued development of affordable housing. To support these efforts, Lancaster Mobley conducted a robust analysis of parking demand patterns at existing affordable housing developments to determine whether there was an opportunity to reduce costs through easing parking requirements. Our study was designed to [...]


Grants Pass

Lancaster Mobley worked with the City of Grants Pass to develop a comprehensive parking management plan for the downtown area. In addition to other pressures upon parking, the City’s largest employer was planning redevelopment of a key downtown site that would have a significant impact on both parking supply and demand. [...]