As the rain moves in, we prepare for the coming season! Here are some of the projects we are most excited for this Fall:

Kelso Safe Routes to Schools - Lancaster Mobley

Kelso Safe Routes to Schools

Lancaster Mobley has several Safe Routes to Schools projects in Kelso, WA around One involves traffic signal design, pedestrian safety, and lighting analysis for a number of intersections. The other project focuses on pedestrian crossing pavement markings and signing in various locations, three RRFB’s, and replacing old pedestrian signals and buttons with countdown pedestrian signal heads and audible pedestrian signal pushbuttons in two intersections. The traffic signals in these projects will include upgraded pedestrian equipment and will involve multi-level City, County, and Department of Transportation review and approval.

Cornelius Elementary - Lancaster Mobley

Cornelius Elementary

The Forest Grove School District (FGSD) is replacing Cornelius Elementary School with a new building to be located on the same property. The new school will have capacity for 540 students, while the current school has 430 students enrolled in the 2022/2023 school year.  Lancaster Mobley conducted a Traffic Impact Study to evaluate what impact the increased student body size would have on traffic in the area.  The study focused on morning and evening peak hours and assessed queuing during peak school drop-off and pick-up periods. A Parking Study was also conducted to assess current on-and off-street parking utilization under existing conditions and with the planned school expansion.

Bremerton Station - Lancaster Mobley

Bremerton Station

Bremerton Station is a 187,467 square foot retail center in development.  Located at the high-traffic signalized intersection of Wheaton Way and Riddell Road, the center is accessible by more than 35,000 vehicles per day. The proposed developments include a 2,325 square foot Chipotle, a 2,700 square foot MOD Pizza, and 2,365 square foot Wendy’s. Lancaster Mobley conducted a traffic impact study to determine whether the transportation system within the vicinity of the site is capable of safely and efficiently supporting the existing and proposed uses, and to determine any mitigation that may be necessary to do so.