As the rain moves in, we prepare for the coming season! Here are some of the projects we are most excited for this Fall:

Thimble Creek Lancaster Mobley project

Thimble Creek South

Lancaster Mobley is preparing a Traffic Impact Study as part of the land use application for the Thimble Creek South Phase 1 development, which will consist of 143 single-family attached dwelling units located on the Oregon City Golf Course.   Our analysis will focus on the potential increase in traffic and includes an evaluation of intersection operations for existing and future traffic conditions, both with and without the addition of site trips associated with the development. A safety analysis will also be conducted that provides a detailed examination of crash history at the study intersections and evaluates the needs for left-turn lanes and/or traffic signals.

Client: Toll Brothers

Trimet signs signage Lancaster Mobley project

TriMet Platform Signage Update

Lancaster Mobley is excited to be working with TriMet to update light rail platform signage as part of our On Call services contract.  Our work will be to conduct field evaluations of the existing signage and develop plans to replace deficient signage and reduce sign clutter. 

Client: TriMet

Albany Three Lakes, Lancaster Mobley project

Albany Three Lakes

The proposed Three Lakes industrial development will include the construction of one or more industrial buildings, totaling approximately 1,224,500 square feet, with a mix of distribution and manufacturing land uses. The project site is located on four properties, encompassing over 65 acres.  Lancaster Mobley is preparing a Transportation Impact Study to determine whether the transportation system within the vicinity is capable of safely and efficiently supporting the existing and proposed uses, and to determine any mitigation that may be necessary to do so. Traffic counts, trip generation calculations, safety analyses, and level of service calculations will be performed.

Client: Phelan Development


Barberry Node

The proposed Barberry Node development in Dallas, OR has been under construction since 2014 and includes a mix of single-family homes, multi-family units, and two commercial areas.  Lancaster Mobley is preparing an updated Transportation Impact Study to provide an analysis of potential traffic impacts of the remaining phases of the development on the surrounding transportation system and to recommend any required mitigation measures.