Melissa Webb

Todd Mobley and Tom Lancaster reunited at 40th anniversary party

2023 marks 40 years in business for Lancaster Mobley! We had a 40th anniversary bash at Holocene to celebrate the occasion. [...]

Team training for lighting and illumination

This week we had a team training to refresh everyone on lighting and illumination for transportation safety. Infrastructure design, traffic signals, street lighting, roundabout design, pedestrian crossing design, [...]

Melissa Webb, PE celebrates 5 years with Lancaster Mobley at Bend office

Thank you for all that you've done for us Melissa Webb, PE! Melissa has been leading our Bend office for 5 years, this week. Representative projects include traffic analysis [...]

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Lancaster Mobley 2022 Spring Trip: A Food & Drink Experience!

The Lancaster Mobley team had a wonderful weekend in McMinnville for their Spring outing! The weekend was jam-packed, and the WHOLE TEAM was [...]

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