The Julia West apartments are under construction!

Lancaster Mobley worked with Holst Architecture and Vega Civil Engineering during the planning and construction of the Julia West Apartments project.

Once constructed, the 12-story building will provide 90 units of permanent supportive housing in downtown Portland.  Our work on the project included Traffic Signal and Street Lighting Design.  A traffic signal legend, plan, wiring diagram, and detail sheets were prepared for the removal of the existing signal pole on the corner of SW 13th and Alder and the installation of a new cantilever signal pole and controller cabinet.

Our Street Lighting work included the preparation of plans and detail sheets for the removal of one existing metal light pole and the installation of 3 new twin ornamental style light poles and service cabinets along the frontages of SW 13th and Alder.  Lancaster Mobley also worked with Walsh Construction to deliver the design and temporary relocation plans for the existing signal strain pole that was moved to accommodate the installation of the construction crane on site.