In today’s evolving landscape of transportation infrastructure, ensuring accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities, is paramount. A recent webinar led by the ITE Roundabout Committee delved into one crucial aspect of this endeavor: the Final Rule on Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG), released by the US Access Board in August 2023.

The PROWAG Guidelines have a significant impact on pedestrian facilities, spanning sidewalks, crosswalks, shared-use paths, and even on-street parking. Among the areas affected are roundabouts, prompting a closer examination of their design implications.

Moderated by Joe Balskus, a seasoned expert from VHB with extensive experience in transportation systems, the webinar provided a platform for insightful discussions. Presenters Lee Rodegerdts, Juliet Shoultz, and Hillary Isebrands offered their expertise on how the PROWAG Guidelines shape roundabout design considerations.

Attendees of the webinar gained valuable insights into the nuances of the new guidelines, exploring critical design considerations and identifying key elements crucial for ensuring pedestrian accommodations at roundabouts.

This webinar not only highlighted the importance of adhering to accessibility guidelines but also emphasized the collaborative efforts necessary to create inclusive transportation infrastructure. As we move forward, initiatives like these pave the way for a more accessible and equitable future in transportation for all individuals.