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Happy National Work From Home Day!

We have been taking part in the worldwide work from home experiment over the pandemic. In 2020 we had a series of articles about remote working, and last year our very own Todd Mobley was interviewed for a Wall Street Journal article titled “How Office Culture Changed in the Pandemic—From Workers Who Went Back Ages Ago.”

In Portland, Ore., the eight-member office staff at Lancaster Mobley, a transportation consulting company, returned on a voluntary basis last summer. Having individual offices helped, owner Todd Mobley says. People stopped wearing masks in common areas after everyone got vaccinated; now, with Delta, the company has ordered the masks back on.

“We just kind of take it as it comes,” Mr. Mobley says.

Most of his staff come in a few days a week. To make the hybrid arrangement work, the office has invested in a monitor rigged with a video camera that attaches to a wheeled cart. It can be parked at the edge of a conference table for meetings with both in-person and remote participants.