Lancaster Mobley and Emerio Design recently were awarded the Clackamas County RFP allowing our work along Eagle Creek Road/Duus Road Intersection to continue.
Lancaster Mobley has provided traffic analysis services for several large subdivision developments in the immediate project vicinity: Faraday Hills, Dugan Estates 1 & 2, Dugan Estates 3 – 7, and Northbrook.
Leading our portion of the project is the one, the only, our fearless leader Todd Mobley! He has completed a number of complex traffic studies along Eagle Creek Road and Duus Road and has experience in tasks such as turn lane warrant analysis, preliminary signal warrant analysis, and sight distance analysis. He has deep, relevant experience with Clackamas County, having been the project manager on over 260 traffic studies and having served as an On-Call engineer for the County.
You can see more of our work here.