The Lancaster Mobley team had a wonderful weekend in McMinnville for their Spring outing!

The weekend was jam-packed, and the WHOLE TEAM was able to come. Even Jennifer’s parents (who happened to be in town) came along (and were the life of the party!). It’s always great to be able to enjoy the company of coworkers out of the office. Similar to our Christmas party, Friday the 20th was a half-day at the office (which is always a great start to a weekend). Then Todd got an Airbnb in McMinnville for the weekend, and on Saturday took the team out for breakfast at Community Plate, a wine tasting at Troon, a whiskey tasting at Branch Point, and then dinner at Pura Vida Cocina.

Everyone, to say the least, is looking forward to our next company outing. Thanks again, Todd! It’s great to have such a generous and all-around spectacular person at the helm here at Lancaster Mobley.

Do you want to join us at our next one? Know someone that does? Check out our current career opportunities here.