Sawyer Park, Bend, OR

A recent Lancaster Mobley project in Bend, OR was featured on KTVZ (Channel 21):

“To help assess those future parking needs, staff hired Lancaster Mobley, a local traffic engineering firm, to perform an initial parking/traffic study.

The firm says the current parking lot is outdated and no longer functions properly due to rutted pavement and pot-hole damage beyond normal maintenance repair.”

Lancaster Mobley worked with the Bend Park and Recreation District on the redevelopment of Sawyer Park along the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon. The overall project intends to renovate and repair the existing 31-space parking lot, access road, restrooms, and river trail. Our project will be focused on the parking lot element of the larger redevelopment plan. We will be evaluating demand of parking, leveraging new data technologies to anticipate COVID-19 and seasonal effects on parking demand, and making recommendations based on our findings.

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