Todd, Jennifer, Ken, Jessica, and Myla had a great time at the 32nd annual Bill Kloos Traffic Bowl on November 16 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon. The event, a competition in transportation trivia, tested the community’s knowledge of everything from sight distance studies, traffic signal design, roundabouts, pedestrian safety, and transportation demand management plans, to parking management and urban growth boundaries.

The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable as the team joined in the fun. The Traffic Bowl not only tested their knowledge but also provided a laid-back setting for networking and learning.

As a longstanding tradition, the ITE Traffic Bowl has been a beacon in the traffic engineering community for over three decades. Originating as a platform for professionals to showcase their expertise, it has transformed into an annual celebration of knowledge exchange, fostering connections among industry enthusiasts and paving the way for the future of traffic management.

[The Traffic Bowl] is named after William C. Kloos, who was the Signals and Street Light Manager at the City of Portland for over 25 years. Bill was a talented leader, innovative problem solver and mentor to many throughout his career. One of Bill’s unique talents was public speaking and presenting technical information to a wide range of audiences. –Oregon ITE

Already looking forward to next year!