Today, we bring you the 4th episode of “Tales from our Home Offices” during the stay-at-home-order. Lancaster Mobley has transitioned to working from our home offices while Oregon is under a stay-at-home order. We thought you might like to see the view from our temporary, socially-distant offices!

Today, we hear from our principal, Todd.

“Life has been different since we’ve been staying home and being cautious about distancing. We’ve had porch talks with loved ones, a snowman stop along the side of the road during a trip to the Bend office to retrieve some equipment for my new home office and we’ve eaten a lot of homemade bread.

“A benefit of no long commute is that I have more time in the evenings for costumes and walks through the neighborhood.

“Zooming is still a verb, but with a different meaning. We’ve been doing a lot of Zooming, both for work and for family

“I’ve been enjoying frequent fixits from my fashionable home office staff.

“…but surely nobody is happier with this new arrangement than Uno, the family dog. All his people are here all of the time and they never leave!

“And last but not least, the famous DIY haircut. I’ve always been tempted to shave my head to see how my head is shaped and what I look like bald.”

You can learn more about Todd Mobley here.