Ever since coming aboard in 2019, Terrington enjoys the broad range of challenges he faces as a Transportation Analyst. He particularly enjoys working towards safer transportation systems, whether it be crash analyses or mitigation designs for all modes of transportation. The things he values most in the company are effective communication, client-consultant relationships, and exploring ways to optimize efficiency in the workplace. As a recent graduate of the University of Portland, Terrington’s long-term goal is to help positively shape the future of transportation into something we couldn’t imagine today. He also flies the company drone and loves taking pictures of project sites and Portland sights as he hones the skills of his newfound passion.


BS, Civil Engineering
University of Portland
Portland, OR

Professional Registrations

Civil Engineer in Training (EIT)

Service & Awards

President, ASCE Student Chapter
University of Portland

Representative Projects

Westport Community Plan, Clatsop County, OR.
Lancaster Mobley was tasked with delivering a transportation impact study of a handful of planned developments located in Westport, Oregon. The study required both conventional and unconventional methods of estimating trip generation of an aggregate barge loadout facility, enhancements to a recreational boat park, and the construction of a new 15-acre County park. Preliminary designs of the intersection of Old Mill Town Road at US Highway 30 were drafted to show Clatsop County how the intersection needed to be reconfigured to accommodate heavy vehicles turning onto US Highway 30. An operational and safety analysis of Westport’s major intersections were also performed.

Collins Retreat Center, Clackamas County, OR.
A community retreat center located in rural Clackamas County needed help evaluating the transportation impacts of an expansion project to their facility. Lancaster Mobley has been working closely with the client in understanding the operations within the retreat center from its most traffic-intensive events to the day-to-day commute of its employees. A detailed sight distance analysis was performed at the retreat center’s driveway to ensure the driveway can operate safely along a high-speed highway with dynamic topography.

Ogden Middle School Crosswalk & School Zone Signing, Oregon City, OR.
Ogden Middle School is planned for renovations including the construction of an offsite crosswalk within the school zone. Lancaster Mobley delivered recommendations for sign selections and locations along S Donovan Road based on requirements set by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS).

Type B Accessory Short-Term Rental (ASTR) Transportation Analyses, Portland, OR.
Terrington is on the project team for all of Lancaster Mobley’s ASTR transportation analysis projects, which help property owners convert their homes into short-term vacation rentals. Specifically, he visits project sites to observe and collect data on intersection operabilities and parking demand within the site vicinity.

Cinder Butte Village Phases 2-4 Transportation Impact Study, Redmond, OR.
Lancaster Mobley prepared a transportation impact study for a 112-unit residential development that was projected to impact ten roadways and eleven intersections within ODOT and the City of Redmond’s jurisdiction. The study examined trip generation of the development, left-turn lane warrants, preliminary signal warrants, and mitigation analysis at intersections that are failing under existing conditions.

Young’s Bay Plaza, Warrenton, OR.
Lancaster Mobley developed preliminary designs for intersection treatments at an intersection with high crash rates. Included in the potential treatments was a unique raised concrete median to prohibit left-turn movements from the minor street or a mini roundabout. Using resources published by ODOT and the Federal Highway Administration, preliminary designs were drafted to help communicate the potential treatments to interested parties and to show the spatial feasibility of constructing said treatments. In addition, a cost analysis of each treatment was performed.