We bring you the 6th episode of “Tales from our Home Offices” during the stay-at-home-order. Lancaster Mobley has transitioned to working from our home offices while Oregon is under a stay-at-home order. We thought you might like to see the view from our temporary, socially-distant offices!

Today, we hear from our Transportation Analyst, Terrington.

Several tasks have been keeping Terrington busy during these times, and he tries his best to balance attention to each.

One thing Terrington has been working on is the solo cello sonata composed by Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály. It’s been a challenge he’s faced since early 2017 but he’s happy for this unexpected opportunity to focus.

On the sunny days, Terrington retreats to the backyard with book in hand to read about World War One. He’s found the book to be gripping and informative about one of his favorite historical events to study.

Lastly, who hasn’t been relaxing with TV and video games? Terrington decided to start the Witcher 3 in his housemate’s XBox to help pass the time.